Modern Windmills Pattern!

I'm on a roll with getting things accomplished this year! I updated my blog design, did you see? 

I started this project an embarassingly long time ago. Close to 2 years ago. And the thing is, it's easy! I just have so many ideas and other things going on that it got pushed to the back. But I'm so happy to put this out there now!
The pattern includes directions for making 7 different block sizes! 10", 9", 8", 7", 6", 5" unfinished. Plus a 60" block!

If you are making the smaller blocks the pattern is great for using up scraps (or a layer cake or fat eigths). When I made the quilt I dug through my solid scraps (and yardage) and didn't repeat any colors! I think that there are 40+ different solids on that quilt.

And because accident happen when you are sewing, I ended up making a mini quilt for a friend. I trimmed the centers too small for the outer pieces so something had to be redone. I opted to make 42 new centers. This was definitely why I had to set the project aside for some time!

Apparently I never took a picture of it finished!

There she is! I hope you like it. Let me know if you have any questions. And be sure to tag me if you post pictures (@a_2_w).


  1. I'm completely in love with that mini quilt. Funny how mistakes can turn into successes. Well done.

  2. Congrats on the new pattern. It's lovely. Your IG feed will not let me like your photos. Weird huh?

  3. Love your windmills and new blog design. Happy New Year Ali!

  4. what a fun new pattern! I love all the different sized blocks.

  5. I really love the WIP at the end of your post, particularly with the one patterned block near the top left. :) I've pinned it to my "Quilty Goodness" board on Pinterest (with proper credit, of course!). Feel free to follow me if you'd like:


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