Blog Hop: Fractal

This week we're taking a closer look at Fractal. Tomorrow Andrea is showing off her awesome version!!!

Fractal by Ali Winston

When I submitted my proposal this quilt was included. Fully made so that they could get an idea of how I see and how the designs would come to fruition. 

Fractal from Quilt Lab by Ali Winston
I probably should have ironed it. It's been folded for almost a year...

It's fine, but didn't really match the vision I had for the book. The color scheme came from this lovely photo. I did a pretty bad job pulling fabrics to match!!
Website no longer exists. This is the designer.
This matches way better than the real thing! 
It was a great learning experience though. It's what pushed me to change the design to be patchwork, and to pull inspiration from my then favorite fabric (Jay McCarroll on the back). I also circular quilted it instead of echo quilting it. 

Alternate Fractal from Quilt Lab

Making 2 of the same quilt isn't always ideal. But sometimes that's how you find out what works and looks best! You can learn from my mis-steps. :) I imagine that prints would look great if you didn't want to do patchwork, I would just make sure to alternate large with small scale and lots of contrast in the colors.


  1. That top picture is AMAZING!!!

  2. Definitely love the colors of the one in the book :-)

  3. I've had to redo some projects as I've been working on my book for Stash too. It's great, though, to see how pushing ourselves really does lead us to better projects and a better snapshot of our own style. I absolutely love this quilt, and I love your book's science theme. Just genius!

  4. I love learning about your process and seeing the improvement you can make when you try it a different way! I am often too afraid to try something different. This helps me see what a great result can come from it. Thanks for sharing the process.


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