Apr 29, 2014

Quilt Lab: A free little pattern!

If you've read Quilt Lab you may have noticed that most of the graphics in the Design Process chapter are for a quilt NOT in the book.

Quilt Lab by Alexandra Winston

Maybe you didn't notice. Doesn't matter! I had always inteded to write up this pattern as a freebie companion pattern. And since it is all done with angles (mostly HSTs) I thought that would be a good time to unveil it!

Stock Market by Alexandra Winston from Quilt Lab

I actually made a few tweaks after the book went to press - it's an evolving process, like I say in the book. ;) Nudgeing a line over a teeny bit made construction so. much. easier.

A few more pictures...

Stock Market by Alexandra Winston from Quilt Lab
I didn't want to put any fabric away so I used ALL the scraps on the back!

Stock Market by Alexandra Winston from Quilt Lab
You can kind of see the quilting. There is a grid in the background and the angles are echoed.
You want a pattern? Of course you do. I had so much fun putting the graphics together for this. I was hoping to fit it all on 1 page (!!) but that didn't happen. One day I'll learn to be concise. ;)


  1. ooooh, great work, but what does it mean, Ali? Does it graph the levels of joy you experienced while writing the book. Or the sound waves your sewing machine makes? I really wish that peach line represented my stock portfolio...
    Thanks for the download!

  2. Thank you for the great pattern and for describing how you got there!


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