Quilt Lab BONUS!!

If you check out page 16 you'll see an inspiration board. Just some fun bits and pieces...

But my friend Angela fell in love with one of the designs. See it there on the far right? It happened to fit in perfectly with her new book, A Quilter's Mixology, which is all about sewing curves and using the Drunkard's Path block. She even made up a special cocktail and glass to hand out at Quilt Market. She's uber clever.

But I digress. When she saw this design she asked if we could do something together. Since she's the curve expert, she's even put together a quick tutorial for you!! So go check her out!


This was the last of my book projects. I hope you enjoyed getting a look at everything. I have big plans for this summer! So much sewing to do!!!

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  1. I do love this - might even force me to try drunkard's path (instead of walking it, like I usually do). Enjoy your summer!


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