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I went down to Miami last week to see my family and hold a very cute new baby. But hours before leaving I had a dilemma. I was going down with a rolling suitcase (full of presents) and large duffle, but coming back with just the duffle. I needed an extra bag that I could fill up with goodies to bring home.

Hello Senna!


Kelly tested this pattern for Vanessa when she was here last month and took the sample home. Grumble grumble. I loved it. I had to have one.

I think that picking the fabrics took just as long as making the bag since I was being so indecisive. I ended up piecing 3.5" strips of Cotton and Steel basic with a natural canvas bottom, Melody Miller pocket, and cotton webbing straps. The lining is Michael Miller Chartreuse with a small Heather Bailey pocket inside.


This bag is such a great size. I used it as my daily purse and while big for just my wallet and sunglasses, it never felt too big. And when I needed to fill it up with mangoes and a sweater too for the trip home it all went in easily.


- 40" cotton webbing straps
- Omitted the big outside pocket
- Omitted the inner pocket in favor of something smaller. I wish I had size the pockets to my kindle though. :( I did size them for my phone though.
- Denim interlining instead of canvas (it's what I had on hand)
- Wish I had clipped the zipper before installing it (like on the Michelle Patterns Dumpling)
- Wish I had interfaced the canvas bottom to give it more structure

Overall I think that the bag is an adorable style and perfect for everyday use or for trips. There will probably be more in my future!

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